Thursday, December 31, 2009


Since today is the last day of 2009, and we are just a few hours away from the start of the new year, I thought maybe I should write on my blog. I was reminded by my DH and my DS-I-L that I have not touched this blog in a long time. They were quite correct. I looked at the last time I left a post and I was surprised to see that it will be almost a year in late January. Does anyone think it's time for me to post something, anything? YEAH! I think so.

Update on Inishmore: I finally finished it earlier this year. I believe my Ravelry page has more on this. There are pics on it that I took shortly after I finished it. I think it looks great on him, despite the different dyelots. Unfortunately, we don't know what the heck happened to it. We can't find it anywhere. It's really a strange situation.

In other news, this year I got to go to Cape Ann/Gloucester, Mass. to my first knitting retreat outside of NY. I had a wonderful time and what was even better was that my DH got to go with me. Don't get me wrong, I love my little guys, but every now and then we need a break from them. I ended up missing them incredible amounts. Still, it was a good retreat.

Looking back, I feel I didn't knit very much this year. I lost some of my enthusiasm for it. Although this was a good thing for my elbow, it wasn't such a good thing for my stash since I really didn't use it up so much. Speaking of stash... my DH finished my knitting room! We had a small room, about 10'x12', in the attic and my wonderful DH practically replastered the whole thing. Understand that I live in a house built circa 1850 and the room had never really been used as a living space. So for about 160 years there had never been a drop of paint on its walls and they were quite fragile. This was even more evident after we had the roof redone and after all the pounding by hammers on the roof, the ceiling in the little room was falling in at one spot. After DH was done with it, it looked SO much better. It's been painted and most of my knitterly-type things are there. It is the stash's new home. When I can/remember I will put pictures up.

I have picked up the needles since coming back from Stitches East which took place in October. I sort of made up a pattern for a vest I made. It was really more colorwork than anything else. It is yet to be blocked and therefore is upstairs in the Knitting Room. I used some "orphans" hanks from Countrywool I had bought about a year ago. I attempted to make it work, and although I don't think it came out very well, DH thinks it works.

I recently joined the lovely ladies from Countrywool (my LYS) and made an Icelandic Hat. I finished it!

This is my older DS modeling the hat. He won't wear it since it's purple. At least I know what size to knit for him.

So, here is my New Year wish for everyone. I wish for all who happen to come across my blog and for those who don't a very happy, loving, and peaceful New Year.
Abrasos para todos.

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Anonymous said...

what can I say DW, you've been busy! Now you've got a room all to yourself where you can go and knit to your hearts content, where you put down the needles and there right where you left them when you come back! I Love You and enjoy your craft! You should write more often so I don't have to poke around upstairs to see what you've been doing! LOL!